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Energy Utilization and Process Review

Entech helps facilities avoid the paradigm of reviewing their operations from only within. Our extensive history of reviewing hundreds of facilities and processes, evaluating them for energy, material, and other savings, provides our clients with a different perspective on their operations. From review to design, we meet your needs with an outside, independent perspective.

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Typically a one day service where we conduct a walk-through of the facility with minimal supervision.  The goal of a Level One Audit is to:

  1. Review operation of major energy consuming equipment
  2. Conduct walkthrough from material in to product out
  3. Uncover any procedures or practices that offers substantial opportunities for savings.
  4. Provide basic cost and saving analysis as a basis for further work.                                          
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Typically a three day service that examines energy utilization over a longer period of time to gain a better understanding of the facility.  The goal of a Level Two Audit is to build upon a Level One Audit and:

  1. Meet with additional staff to better understand how the facility operates.
  2. Take more detailed measurements over a longer period of time to gather more data on how the facility operates.
  3. Provide a more detailed cost and savings analysis.
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We work with your facility team to go through the manufacturing or operational process in great detail.  The goal is to question the fundamental methodology of production, and through a team process uncover and implement improvements.  These studies uncover material and energy savings, and may also include making labor more productive. These studies may take weeks or months to complete.

Cost Allocations

In order to properly allocate costs, we provide cost accounting services so manufacturers may more correctly calculate the cost of production components in the manufacturing process.