Energy Utilization

Demand Side Approach

In today’s energy industry it is vital that the energy consumer knows how and when energy is used. ENTECH Engineering provides an independent review to determine the true cost of the energy being used, and how to reduce that usage.

Level 1 Audit, typically a one day service that includes:

  • Review of operation and use of major energy consuming equipment
  • Walkthrough from material in to product out
  • Identify procedures and practices that offer substantial opportunities for savings
  • Provide basic cost and savings analysis

Level 2 Audit, typically a three day service built upon information gathered in the level 1 audit:

  • Long term examination of energy utilization
  • Staff meetings to better understand the facility’s operation
  • More detail cost and savings analysis

Level 3 Audit, anywhere from weeks to months to complete:

  • Detailed review of fundamental facility operation
  • Uncover and implement improvements
  • Identify material, labor productivity, and energy savings

Supply Side Approach

There are many innovative methods for procuring energy, including providing the location for on-site generation. ENTECH Engineering provides an independent review of risk-adjusted options in order to provide a basis for negotiation and contract.